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FlingOS™ aims to be the complete resource for learning low-level and operating system development.

Our C# approach is a great stepping stone from the high to low level. Find out why...

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FlingOS is written in C# and is completely open source

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This is impressive. FlingOS is making an enigmatic subject more accessible and that's always a hallmark of progress. Already I want to build my own OS that I can work/develop on.

cappuccinorob -

I'd thoroughly recommend reading the FlingOS conceptual documentation regardless of whether you're masochistic enough plan a foray into low-level coding

PeejayAdams -

Answers to some frequent questions...

What about Minix,, etc? is a great resource - don't get us wrong!

But, it's far from comprehensive, most of the articles are not written by native English speakers and often have significant gaps, untested or innaccurate code and is hard to work from. Also, most of it is in ASM or C. FlingOS uses C#, so our code is much more accessible.

The latest version of Minix is no longer a true educational OS - it's commercial. Most of their resources focus on Minix itself, not OSes in general and the recommended book is very expensive and also out of date.

Are you rivalling Linux, Windows or OSX?

Nope! Not at all - we're not trying to produce a commercial OS.

Our operating system is totally unoptimised, even the compiler isn't optimised. Our OS is aiming to be a "learn by example" codebase so students can understand the intention of the code. We encourage students to then apply their software engineering and algorithms knowledge to (massively) improve the performance of our implementations.

C#? That's insane isn't it?

For writing a real OS, we agree. We are not saying anyone should write a real time, embedded or large scale OS in C# - it's inefficient at best.

But we use C# for other great reasons. Primarily, it makes understanding an OS much more accessible to existing high level developers (which most students and developers are or will be). Please read more about why we use C# here.

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