About FlingOS™

FlingOS aims to be the complete resource for learning low-level and operating system development.

Started February 2014

125,538 lines of code

205/226 MSIL ops supported

What is FlingOS?


One third of FlingOS is a fully-working operating system in a familiar high-level language - C#. Find out more about why we chose C#...

The general plan for the OS is to create a micro-kernel based design with sufficient drivers that a basic user-mode interface can be created. The user-mode interface will include a basic tablet or laptop user interface with the ability to start user mode applications. The final goal is to develop a web-browser application to demonstrate the power of the OS. Find out more about our current progress in the roadmap.


The second third is writing detailed, explanatory reference articles including sample code from the OS. The documentation can be found here.

The general plan is that the reference articles will cover every aspect of OS development, which is put into practice in the FlingOS kernel, along with surrounding topics.

Each article will consist of context-setting information (such as history), factual information (such as information about standards) and explanatory information (such as explanations of sample code).


The final third is creating tutorial videos that walk developers through creating their first OS.

The tutorial videos are a series of videos, made available through YouTube, that will take a developer from knowing nothing about OS development, to having a basic operating system running. More details can be found below.

Complete code samples (including compiled versions) will be made available with each video along with the standalone tools required to compile the OS. In the more advanced videos, this will include a copy of the FlingOS Compiler for compiling C# code to x86 machine code.

Who is FlingOS?

The Team

Ed Nutting


Hi - I'm Ed, the FlingOS project founder, a student of Computer Science and Electronics at the University of Bristol and social sec of the university's Electronic and Electrical Engineering Society. I've been programming for over 10 years and am highly motivated. I love helping others learn but also enjoy developing my own projects - FlingOS is a great combination of both!

Roland Baranyi

Intern 2015

I am a student of computer science at the University of Bristol and I am currently in my third year. I am from Budapest, although I’ve lived in the UK since 2005. I make contributions to FlingOS as an intern by helping with development tasks and blog writing. I enjoy learning new skills in life and the project is great for me to develop a deeper understanding of computers.

Ross Gardiner


I'm a computer science student at the University of Bristol. I'm currently maintaining the FlingOS website.

Other members of the team include:

Interested in joining us? We'd love to hear from you.

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FlingOS is currently supported by Intel.

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Our Roadmap

Current Development

Near future and current development is focused on the following features:

Existing Features

The kernel has reached a fairly advanced stage. It has the following major features: