Launched on September 17th

A brand new FlingOS.

Lectures & Workshops

We're running a series of 10 lectures and workshops, teaching OS dev within the University of Bristol.

Conceptual Articles

30 technical reference articles explaining core OS and low-level topcis.

3 new releases

We launched three new releases including our latest x86 kernel, our first compiler release and our cross-platform verification kernel.

Who attended?

Anyone who has an interest in OS development or low-level development was invited. This included professionals, students, companies and more. We're paving the way in education of low-level development both here in Bristol and in the online community. Now is a great time to engage as we want offer companies the opportunity to invest in education of low-level developers.

For companies, FlingOS is your opportunity to help secure your company's future.
For students, FlingOS is your opportunity to learn and add high-demand skills.

Our sponsor Imagination Technologies was at the event (including their Graduate Recruitment Officer and an engineer from here in Bristol) along with other members of industry from around the Bristol area.

What happened?

We gathered together a range of people so we could demonstrate what we'd achieved up to that point and offer them the opportunity to engage in our future. So naturally, we gave a short presentation and some cool demos (including some Creator CI20s for people to use).

After we'd done our bit there was a chance for questions followed by socialising and networking. (Naturally the free food went down well with students).

Where was the event?

We launched: Lectures & Workshops

With the support of the University of Bristol Computer Science and Electronic & Electrical Engineering departments, we're running a series of lectures and workshops for students.

The lectures and workshops will give students the opportunity to do practical OS and low-level development which goes beyond their course. It will help solidify their knowledge, engage them with low-level development and give them an insight into real industry challenges beyond what the theory tells them.

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We launched: Conceptual Articles

We launched thirty conceptual articles which cover a broad range of the most important, practical low-level concepts. They provide both background and technical knowledge for each area.

30 clearly isn't enough to cover everything, so we have another 20 already planned (which will be written and released over the coming months). After that, we know we have lots to write about because there are features of the FlingOS kernel which we have yet to plan articles for!

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We launched: 3 new kernels

We launched three new releases including our latest x86 kernel, our first compiler release and our cross-platform verification kernel.

Our latest kernel for x86 is much more stable and feature packed than last year's release. With USB 2.0 and ELF driver/program support, the kernel is looking good and we've now got lots to write about.

For the first time we released our compiler, internally called the Drivers Compiler, but is capable of compiling both the kernel and drivers to .ISO, .BIN or .ELF. It can also target x86 or MIPS.

To accompany the Drivers Compiler, we wrote a cross-platform behavioural testing kernel which verifies it works properly. So we released that kernel as well for people to test on their hardware.

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