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FlingOS has been trying to fill a huge gap - comprehensive, high-quality resources for learning about operating system development.

Our sponsors have helped us achieve this.

Running Events

We'd like to carry on running lectures, workshops and other events to teach people about OS and low-level development. Venue hire, advertising and nibbles all cost money!

Sponsoring Interns

Summer internship students (our founder included) are what keep this project moving forward. Find out more about what we can achieve below...

Recurring Costs

The FlingOS project depends on some licensed software, paid web hosting and various bits of hardware. Find out what we pay for below...

How many people are using FlingOS?

Our articles alone are read over 3,000 times per month, our videos receive 2,000 views per month and our blog has averaged over 4,500 views per month since it launched in 2015. Our 2-hour OS dev lecture/workshop sessions were attended by 10 to 15 students per week and over 1,200 active members of the Bristol CS and EE communities regularly see our social media posts.

What are people saying about FlingOS?

FlingOS has had fantastically positive feedback from industry and online communities. We've received compliments including "great work", "truly inspiring" and "fantastic innovation in education at a much needed time" from both academics and developers. The online community has provided more great feedback and encouragement than we could possible convey. Here are a few quotes from places such as Reddit and CodeProject (we trended in /r/osdev for an entire week after we launched in September).

This is impressive. FlingOS is making an enigmatic subject more accessible and that's always a hallmark of progress. Already I want to build my own OS that I can work/develop on.

cappuccinorob - Reddit.com

I'd thoroughly recommend reading the FlingOS conceptual documentation regardless of whether you're masochistic enough to plan a foray into low-level coding

PeejayAdams - CodeProject.com

How else can you support the project?

You don't have to sponsor FlingOS to support us. We welcome opportunities to guest write for blogs, present to groups, companies or communities and enjoy inviting members of industry to give technical talks about their work to students at the University of Bristol. Even just tweeting about our project (via @FlingOS) or sharing one of our Facebook posts is a boost to the project. We also love hearing feedback (of any nature) about the project - it helps us to continually improve our work.

Our founder, Ed Nutting

Hi - I'm Ed, the founder of FlingOS. I'm a student of Computer Science and Electronics at the University of Bristol.

I started out when I was eight years old, self-teaching programming in C#. It's true to say C# is my favourite language, but my ten years software engineering experience has taught me that using the right language for the right task is more important than picking your favourite. (Besides, new languages are fun to learn!) By age 14, I had reached the top 0.05% of 10 million members on CodeProject.com and at 15 I co-founded my first startup company.

Alongside GCSEs I created a full, generally programmable 8-bit computer in Minecraft, worked on a variety of open-source projects and generally found myself working in high level development. By the time the second year of A-levels came around, I'd learnt a lot from my company and from my internship at Imagination Technologies as part of of their Windows PowerVR Graphics team (to which I returned the following summer). In mid 2013 I started working on the Cosmos project and by February 2014, I founded FlingOS as a self-teach hobby OS.

After 5 months of working on FlingOS I'd got a single-tasking OS with ATA and basic USB Mass Storage Device support (written from spec). However, it was apparent to me that the online resources for learning and teaching OS dev were severely lacking. Having written a number of articles and blog posts, written and taught an introductory programming course at my secondary school and spent time teaching primary school children, I considered my teaching skills to be up to the task.

FlingOS has transformed from a self-teach project to a comprehensive learning resource for others. I place a strong emphasis on accuracy and thoroughness whenever I write an article or produce a video. I never write an article about something I haven't got some reasonable experience in or, where appropriate, written code for.

Who else has sponsored FlingOS?

Imagination Technologies logo

FlingOS is currently supported by Imagination Technologies, who sponsored us to hire our first summer intern student in 2015.

Over the summer, Roland Baranyi worked on FlingOS. After three weeks one-to-one training from Ed, he started developing the MIPS target architecture library for the compiler. By the end of the summer, FlingOS had full MIPS compiler support and a complete behavioural-testing compiler verification kernel. Roland also wrote weekly blog posts about his work on the FlingOS Blog. Ed also collaborated with Imagination Technologies and the University of Bristol to write and deliver a series of lectures and workshops on practical OS development from autumn 2015.

The lectures and workshops exposed students to Imagination Technologies' Creator CI20 platform (of which Imagination have supplied twelve) and made use of laptops kindly donated by St Paul's C of E Primary School, Enfield. The Creator CI20s are also being used for an Engineering Challenge Tasks afternoon/evening event in early 2016 as part of the Bristol Electronic and Electrical Engineering Society.

Lastly, Imagination provided £200 sponsorship to pay for Camtasia Studio 8 licenses for the video recording, editing and production. Overall, this sponsorship provided an exciting opportunity for FlingOS to make dramatic progress and to bring industry and education closer together.

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Intel logo®

From July 2016 to July 2017, FlingOS was supported by Intel. They sponsored us to continue our work by producing more great articles and asecond video series.

Becoming a sponsor or supporter

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us using the form below. Your message will go direct to Ed Nutting who will get back to you within 24 hours.